Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowin' in the NC!!

Friday night the white stuff began to fall...and it kept falling through yesterday midday. We have about 6 inches of snow here, which is very, very unusual for Raleigh. So yesterday, this being Katy's first snow, we went outside to play for a little bit. Katy didn't last long because it was in the 20's, but Blake, Andrew, and I took turns going down the snow hill we build on our boogie board!! Also, church was cancelled today because of the snow, ha, this is hilarious!! These North Carolinians need to move to Rexburg Idaho to see what real snow is like. Anyway, here are some of the pics we took:
Andrew and Katy getting ready to try out the small hill
Blake and Andrew playing on the bigger hill made after Katy went in

Here are some pics of Katy before we went on our walk last week. As you can tell, she does not like to wear hats or anything on her head for that matter. Watch what happens after I put the hat on her head...

Just barely put it on

Going for it with her hand

Couldn't quite get it off, so now going for it with the other hand

And it's off!!

Cute things Katy has started to do:

* Wave her arms up and down like a bird when really excited

* Dance when music comes on by rocking forward and back while sitting and nodding her head

* Clap her hands and bang toys together

*Say num num num while eating her solid food

*Rock back and forth on her hands and knees (nope, no crawling yet!)

*Give open mouth kisses to mommy and turns her head away when daddy goes in for a kiss

*Put both hands up to her face and squish her face a little (whenever she does this we say "Oh my" to her.)


Asherbie said...

Wow, those snow days are sooo welcome here, too! Beckett gets off work and I am in heaven! Darling family pictures. Come seeeee meeeee!!!! I want to kiss those Katy girl cheekies!

Kandis said...

I love it, the big hill looks more like a speed bump (out west) you guys are great. i love the picture of you both kissing baby katie! miss you guys. can't wait to see you at the wedding. love you

Joanne said...

Love the blog. So glad you guys let us see pictures of our darling granddaughter. I want a picture of the two of you kissing her. What a cutie. Love the snow hill. What fun. Love you all.
MOM Larson