Friday, January 8, 2010

First Christmas

This Christmas was the first year that we decided to stay home and celebrate with just our little family. We had a wonderful time, just the 4 of us (we were glad Blake could be with us). Christmas eve I cooked my first turkey and surprisingly it turned out great!! We had a nice candlelit dinner and carried on my family's tradition by going caroling to some neighbors and friends in the ward.

On Christmas day, Katy was in heaven. She loved ripping all of the wrapping paper and loved the crinkling sound. Of course, she loved the paper even more than the toys and books she recieved!!! We took a few pictures of her opening presents and because the adults stayed in our pj's all day, we are not in any of the pics. Now, I wish I would have taken some family pictures anyway...bummer, oh well, Katy is of course the cutest one in our family so here she is!!!

I'm not quite sure what this face is about but I love it!!
Trying to open a very tricky present from Grandma Jojo

Lovin' her presents!

Lovin' her puppy
Lovin' the frosty book - she likes books a lot more than toys!
Katy is sooo much fun lately, she is getting to be such a big girl with a BIG personality. She will definitely tell you if she doesn't like something ie. birping her halfway through the bottle, not feeding her fast enough... she is a demanding little girl but we think it's because she's smart. After all, she does like books more than toys!! She recently got her first tooth (we'll it started to poke through on the 27th of December). Now both bottom teeth have broken through the gums so of course everything Katy touches goes in her mouth. She is sitting up pretty well now but no crawling yet, she's a little behind but oh well, she'll do it eventually. By the way at her six month check up here were her stats:
Height: 27 inches 90th percentile
Weight: 18 lbs. 90th percentile
Head: 48 c.m 90th percentile
The doctor told me, "We'll she's poportional, not too fat or thin, she's just right."
She is such a cute, sweet little girl and we love her more every day! Here are some more recent pics:


Joanne said...

What beautiful pictures of baby Katy and her first Christmas. Your right... pictures of you guys in your pjs would be nice too. So glad you guys had such a great Christmas and that Katy is sooooooo
smart. That's because her parents are soooooooo smart. Love you all. Grandma JOJO

Erin said...

She is one smiley baby!

Cyndi and Tommy Krebs said...

she is soooo cute and CHUBBY! my Gabe is 17 months old and just barely reached 20 pounds! of course he has always been in the less than 25%. Great pictures!

Elizabeth said...

I am so happy you updated your blog!!! She is so beautiful!!! She has changed so much how fun I don't know your family but she has a lot of Andrews family in her.. so cute!!!

Asherbie said...

Darling. Oh and by the way, we have the puppy. Cute but turn it off at night. It would randomly say things like "You're my friend!!" at midnight and thoroughly freaked me out.

abhau Family said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That was the cutest post!!! Thank you for posting, but it only makes me miss my little Katy cat even more. Love you guys. We are warming up a place for you here in UT. ;)