Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blessing the babe...

This past Sunday we blessed Katy B. We were very lucky to have both the Larsons and the Rosas together again for a little family reunion. Katy's blessing went really well, though she lost her little white shoes right before the blessing and lost her best friend paci during the blessing. I'd also like to thank Rebecca for writing down her blessing, something that I failed to think about until the blessing had already begun!!

It was so much fun to have some of our family here for the special occasion. We miss our family so much already!! Anyway, here are a few (or maybe a little more than a few) pics from this past weekend: (sorry about the red eyes, forgot to put camera on red eye reduction)

I love this curious little face!

Crackin' a little smile

Mommy Lisa, Katy, and daddy Andrew

Not quite sure what the babe is doing here...

Mommy and Katy-you can tell Katy is getting hungry in this picture

Daddy with a very hungry girl

Grandpa Stevie, Katy, and grandma Jojo

Grandpa Marty, Katy, and grandma Gina

Aunt Christina and Emily

And here are a few other random photos from the past couple of weeks: