Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So this past weekend we went to Utah. Unfortunately, and even though I brought my camera on the trip, I didn't take ANY pictures and now I'm really bummed. Anyway, we got to stay with Andrew's brother CJ and his family and on Saturday we went to our neice Ashlyn's dance competition. And let me just say one thing about Ashlyn's dancing....AMAZING!!! She has only been dancing for about three months, and I can't believe how talented she is...she is a natural! Thanks Larsons for letting us stay with you and eat all your food. We had a lot of laughs over the weekend to say the least. While we were there we also got to spend some time with my three brothers as well, which was good (we only see them at most, once a year). It was a wonderful trip...I just didn't expect it to be colder here in NC than it was in Utah!!!

Also, Michelle gave me this blankie for our little girl OVER A MONTH AGO (she is so on the ball!), and I just wanted to post a picture of it and say thank you to Michelle again. The colors on the blanket are similar to the bedding we're using for the crib and Andrew asked me when he saw it, "Did you tell her what our colors were?" He couldn't believe that she didn't know our colors while making this blanket. Anyway, thank you Michelle, it is perfect!!!
The blanket Michelle made:

The crib quilt:

Another belly shot a couple of weeks ago at 26 1/2 weeks: