Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I was going to first post a few pics of my fam and then Katy pics, however, my computer is having a hard time dragging photos, so I guess we'll start with Katy updates. A little over 2 weeks ago, Katy went in for her 4 month check up and shots. Here are her stats:

Height: 25 1/2 in = 75th-90th percentile
Weight: 15 lbs. = 75th-90th percentile
Head: 43 cm. = 90th-95th percentile

Katy is the love of our lives and every day is so much fun with her in our home. She is truly a joy and we lover her sooo much.


- Sleeps 10 straight hours at night and takes two 2 hr. naps during the day, she is such a good girl
- Loves to roll over onto her stomach and then complain because she hates tummy time
- Likes to do anything outside and is fascinated by the trees, sun, flowers, etc.
- Refuses to take her morning nap during church which makes for a long Sunday
-Loves to dance around the room to loud music with mommy or daddy and thinks mommy dancing for her is funny
- Sings lots of songs with mommy including "Peas Porridge Hot" and "Wheels on the Bus"
- Will read for literally an hour at a time, she loves to look at books (which the teacher in me is excited about)
- Enjoys being thrown up in the air
- Splashes violently in the tub during her baths
- Is not ticklish at all, and actually is quite serious, at least for mommy. Of course daddy can get her to laugh easily.
- Has started to be interested in our food that we're eating and attempts to drink water from a cup. Once she realizes that it's cold, she makes a sour face and spits out the water.

We love our baby girl!!!

This is what her large smiles look like most of the time - she closes her eyes, arches her back, sticks her tongue out, and puts her hands up to her ears

Happy girl!!

I love this face

Andrew and Blake recently planted grass in our backyard and so we went outside to hang out and enjoy the new yard and wonderful fall weather.

Katy did this on her own. I put the book by her feet and she grabbed both ends of it and pulled it closer to her face so she could see it better...my little genius haha.

Last weekend my family, the Rosa's came for a 5 day visit. We had a wonderful time together, and our activities included going to Hillridge Farms, carving pumpkins, painting Katy's room, hanging out in downtown Wake Forest, and just spending a lot of good time talking and playing Farkle (or should I say Fadoogle)!!

Me, Christina, Katy, and Grammie G. on the hayride at Hillridge Farms

The pumpkin patch
Aunt Christina
Grampie M, Grammie G. and Katy girl.
We love you guys and we're so glad you came for a visit!!!


Chapman Family said...

I can't believe how big she has gotten. It makes me sad we can't get together and watch them "play" and grow. Love the bib! Hope all is well with you! Michelle

Kandis said...

WOW she is getting big, thanks for the update, im loving seeing these pictures of her, and you guys. love and miss you all

Joanne said...

Believe it or not...There are some definite pictures of Katy that remind me of some of Andrew's baby pictures. Come to Spokane and will
show you. Love you guys.
Grandma JOJO